Weaver comes through

The journey of Jeff Weaver has been an interesting one for him, I’m sure. From what I’ve seen of his career, he’s been knocked around a little bit. I’m sure there were a lot of groans when he became a Cardinal this summer, and from what his first few outings indicated, those groans were justified. I found it almost sad to watch him some times, because I know he’s bounced around the league. I can’t imagine anything more deflating than getting released by a team to make room for your younger brother. Cool for your brother, but not so cool for you.
I admit I’ve always had a soft spot for Weaver. I actually saw him pitch for the Yankees the spring of 2002. I was living in San Diego and my friend and I wanted to drive up to Anaheim to see the Yankees play the Angels. I was excited to get to see one of the Yankees’ great pitchers, Clemens or Petite or Mussina. But starting for the Yankees was a guy named Jeff Weaver, a guy I had never heard of. The Yankees won that game, but I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed. Even so, I’ve always been partial to him, I suppose because he’s part of my journey as a baseball fan. Now as a Cardinal fan this October, Weaver is once again part of that journey.

So today I thank you to Jeff Weaver. I hope that you’ve forgiven the fans of St. Louis for any early utterances of negativity when you arrived here. And I hope you know how grateful we are to have you with us this October.


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